Our presence is our greatest gift, to ourselves and others. 

Holding Space is a course where you will be supported to come into a deeper relationship with yourself so you can experience more inner harmony and so that you can be a vessel of harmony for others 

this program is for you if;

* you are want to go deeper into relationship with yourself
* you want to support others' inner transformation
* you value connection and are ready to be part of something bigger than yourself
* you want to be inspired and supported by other spiritual seekers
* you feel a calling to dive deeper into your spiritual side
* you want experience the power of consistent ritual

The act of bearing witness is the act of inviting the sacred into the space. When we can lower our defences, show up with vulnerability and trust, and look deeply into each other's soul, something mystical can show up that is beyond words. It's here that we are on holy ground. 

Program Schedule

24th September - Opening Ceremony
8th October - Initiation into Sacred Feminine
22nd October - Meeting the Maiden
26th October - Online Zoom Integration
5th November - Inner Child Workshop

******11th November Retreat (optional)******

19th November - Meeting the Mother
23th November - Online Zoom integration
3rd December - Breathwork Maiden and Mother
7th December - Online Zoom integration
17th December - Meeting the Crone
21st December - Online Zoom integration
7th January - Art of Integration
21st January - Closing Ceremony

As a community leader of women entrepreneurs, I felt immediately drawn to this course. I wanted to learn how to be comfortable and at ease when holding space for a group. Through this experience, I have come to realize that in order to be able to do this I needed to take a deep dive into myself and my patterns. I have learnt how to tune into my intuition and to listen without judgement. It has also helped me to understand my kids better and to tackle difficult situations as they arise. I recommend this journey to anyone who wants to become more self-aware in order to be able to be of better support to others.

- Sarah Woods (Founder SHE)

“It all starts from going within and Yasmin has so much experience and a goal to help as many people as possible. ​
She is a true visionary on a mission. I’ve got so much inspiration and growth through her programs. ​ ​ 
I trust her and believe in her programs and can recommend her as a mentor. I’ve seen her knowledge, passion and unique way and will to help others, in action.”

Elleria Janas
Ellie & Carl Skincare