9 day course

Stress makes everything worse...

yet we often don't realize that it is the underlying cause of so many of our issues

The benefits from learning to #stressless
- Deeper, more efficient sleep
- More energy
- Stronger immune system.
- Less depression and anxiety
- Better focus, attention and memory

What You Will Learn From This Course
#1: Meditation
Learn a simple and effective tool for meditation that works even if you have a very busy mind and difficulty concentrating.
#2: Breathing Exercises
The best tool to calm your nervous system and reduce anxiety in just a few minutes.  They also help boost your immune system and maintain general health. 
#3: Find inner peace
Become aware of the underlying thoughts and emotions that are at the root of your stress and learn to process them, so that you can create more harmony within and without.
Included in your Course

❁ 9 days of instructional videos (97€)
❁ Downloadable audios of guided practices (19€)
❁ Supportive Facebook group
❁ Learn to Meditate E-Book (9€)
❁ Free day pass to Sanya Eco Spa (23€)
= 148€ >>> 47€

Your Host 
Yasmin de Giorgio

Yasmin is a yoga and meditation teacher, founder of Sanya Eco Spa. She has been teaching for over 10 years and specializes in helping people overcome stress and burn-out.
Yasmin is an outstanding teacher and she has provided us with valuable tools and information that helps with overcoming stress

Lynn Galea


My biggest experience from this course is that I have found myself again. Learning how to practice meditation properly is keeping me focused. The breathing exercises fill me with inner calmness and peace.
Yasmin guided us with wise words and expertise throughout the program.

Rita Catania
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