Say BYE to stress 
overwhelm and 
find a simple way
Out of Stress
A tailored to YOU program to heal your fatigue, beat stress and get yourself back! 
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The solution to stress does NOT lie in fighting with our external environment....stress will always be present!
BUT we all have an inner stress regulation valve,
that sets our response to stress

When our valve is broken going about our day is just like trying to push a car with a broken valve up a hill!

"its not the load that breaks you down,
its the way you carry it"
Lou Holtz

Resetting your stress regulation valve means...
  •  waking up feeling refreshed
  •  less overthinking
  •  Less comfort eating and relying on caffeine and sugar to get through 
  •  healthy sleep cycle
  •  inner calm towards your to-do list
The Stress Reset
will give you the tools to regain control of your energy & emotions that you can thrive and achieve.
  •  Rest your stress regulation valve
  •  Learn how to relax and restore your nervous system
  •  Learn how to breathe and meditate so that you can keep calm and energized
  •  Improve your mindset so you worry less
  •  Get the support you need to beat guilt and care for yourself
Your Stress Reset host...
Hi I am Yasmin de Giorgio, founder of Sanya. I am a serial entrepreneur who launched 3 brands within 5 years...meaning I understand stress from the inside out

After struggling with burn-out and stress myself and literally getting to the point where I wanted to quit my businesses (which mean the world to me) I used my training in yoga and meditation to create the Stress Reset Experience™.  This is a program for resetting your inner stress regulation valve. I truly believe fighting our external stressors is a losing battle. We cannot control or stop stressful things happening, but we can control how we feel about them and how we manage them.

I understand that with our modern busy life styles we simply can't afford our solutions to stress to take so much time and effort that they become just another stress. Which is why I created the Stress Reset Experience™ to help other people find their way out of stress more efficiently then I did when I first had to figure it out for myself. 
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