Wellness in the Workplace

the future of exceptional workplaces

Wellness is an essential pillar of successful company cultures. We will help you craft an exceptional employee experience
We offer Wellness and Wellbeing packages, including workshops and activities tailored to those who work in a professional environment. During the trainings and workshops, participants learn tools and techniques that support them to deal with the demands and pressures of their work and home life.  We guide your company to live a healthier, stress-free and more productive lifestyle. These workshops and therapies target our most basic human needs; self-actualisation, esteem, love and belonging. We can help you meet these needs by incorporating wellness into your corporate culture.

Wellness Services

Support your employees with their physical health. Services available; spa access, yoga & meditation classes, treatment packages. We also provide services that support participants with relaxation and teach stress relieving techniques. This targets care for our mental and emotional health.


Our programs empower your staff with knowledge and skills so that they can learn and continue to incorporate wellness and wellbeing into their everyday life. We facilitate communication, understanding and empathy in your business. Providing your team with emotional intelligence and embodied communication through tools and techniques.

Team Building

Connection is the foundation of all great teams. Bring your team building activities up to date by adding elements of authentic connection, purpose and a holistic touch into your activities. Through our crafted playful exercises we facilitate connection and trust between your staff, that can birth and strengthen authentic professional relationships.

" that at the core of a successful business

are the practices that support the wellbeing of its people"

Choose the option that fits you best

One off workshops

We have a range of facilitators offering different workshops, chose the one that suits your team best and we will organise the rest. 

Monthly programs

Allocate a monthly budget for your wellness programs and we will design a program that meets your HR goals. Committing to a monthly program allows us to deliver true impact on your company culture.  

1-3 Month package

Choose a medium term programs to help you meet your HR goals. These can be combinations of workshops, wellness programs and team building activities.

Yearly Programs

Yearly programs can be customized to your needs, and can be designed in line with any HR themes that you have set for the year.


Wellness in the Workplace is a collaborative project between Sanya and Thrive. Our combined mission is for wellness and wellbeing practices to be a norm in corporate and business cultures and to create a working environment that nourishes team members.
Sanya is an Eco Spa & Wellness Centre in Naxxar. Sanya is the perfect partner in helping make lifestyle changes, particularly in helping overcome lifestyle related challenges related to stress. The centre provides a range of wellness services including traditional spa facilities, yoga and meditation classes, sensory deprivation tank, health snack bar, workshops, events and retreats. 
Thrive offers experiential learning programs that cultivate our connection to nature, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, in which one can Thrive in community alongside nature. We offer training, workshops, venues and events that provide a playful and approachable way for children, adults and businesses to learn and experience knowledge and skills that support a more meaningful, healthy and nourishing life. 
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